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Nonino Il Merlot di Nonino Grappa

Nonino Il Merlot di Nonino Grappa

Color: Clear. Aroma: Scents of ripe fruit. Taste: Soft and round confirming the aroma.  more


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Jacopo Poli Sarpa Poli Barrique

Jacopo Poli Sarpa Poli Barrique

Sarpa Barrique is an aged Grappa featuring a harmonic taste. In its elegant simplicity it holds the whole history and passion for distilling of the Poli family. Aromas of exotic fruits, vanilla, almonds and toasted hazelnuts with a rich and long lasting taste.  more


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Caffo Vecchia Grappa Caffo

Caffo Vecchia Grappa Caffo

Vecchia Grappa Caffo is the result of over a century of experience in the fi eld of distillation. Its method of working provides a slow steam distillation of fine Italian grapes and subsequent aging of the precious distillate in oak barrels.  more


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