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Omnipollo Magic #4:20 Vanilla Waffle Wheat

Omnipollo Magic #4:20 Vanilla Waffle Wheat

Part of Magic Numbers, a dreamy small-batch series: 4:20 is a wheat beer brewed with biscuit malt and vanilla beans.  more


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Omnipollo Symzonia Imperial Stout

Omnipollo Symzonia Imperial Stout

It was cold so we decided to go with an Imperial Stout conditioned on Ethiopian coffe, Madagascan vanilla beans, Brazilian cocoa nibs & carefully weighed cinnamon sticks.  more



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Absolut Grapefruit Vodka

Absolut Grapefruit Vodka

Absolut Grapefruit is made with natural grapefruit flavor, and unlike some other flavored vodkas, it doesn't contain any added sugar*. To put it short and simple: Absolut Grapefruit is truly fresh and fruity in taste, with notes of a distinct pink grapefruit and a well-balanced sweetness.  more


 50ml Bottle

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Absolut Vodka 80 Proof

Absolut Vodka 80 Proof

Absolut Vodka is made from winter wheat and water from our own deep well. We use a process called continuous distillation to remove impurities. Absolut Vodka has a rich taste, is smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain. Introduced in 1979.  more



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Dugges Idjit Imperial Stout

Dugges Idjit Imperial Stout

From the one and only Dugges Ale and Porterbryggari in Gothamberg, Sweden, a potent Imperial Stout. Black as the night and dark as the sin. This beer type has been favorably used in Russia since the time of Catherine the Great.  more


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