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Hanssens Artisanaal Lambic Experimental Cassis
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Hanssens Artisanaal Lambic Experimental Cassis


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Category Lambic
Region Belgium
Brand Hanssens Artisanaal
Alcohol/vol 6%
Ale brewed with black currants and aged in oak barrels. Lambic beers are famous for being "wild fermented". Instead of adding a special yeast strain to cause fermentation, some brewers in the Senne river valley leave the warm, sweet, unfermented beer (called wort) open to the elements. Wild strains of yeast and other micro organisms will then seed the liquid. Normally when brewing beer, a brewers yeast will be used to turn sugar into alcohol and certain flavor elements of the beer. In these wild beers, yeast and others will turn sugar into alcohol, acid, and a huge variety of flavor chemicals.