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Brooklyn Brewery Quintaceratops 750ml
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Brooklyn Brewery Quintaceratops



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Category Quadrupel
Region United States, New York
Brand Brooklyn Brewery
Alcohol/vol 10.9%
We decided to bring Quintaceratops to you as a limited release in our Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment series. The original beer had four horns-- the fifth "horn" is the barrel aging. Drink it and enjoy the dark rummy caramel, the rich vanilla, the hint of coconut and the dried fruit that swirl beneath the foam. Just the other day, we heard a strange loud grunting sound outside...and down came our recently re-built brewhouse wall. He was back! And that new horn looked pretty sporty on him, too. Of course, this will all be very hard to explain to our insurance company. That's okay-- we'll send them some beer. Quintaceratops is highly persuasive. Food Pairings: Roasted meats, hearty vegetables, funky cheeses, strong farmhouse cheddars, and ice cream.