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To-Øl Rhum Barrel Aged Liquid Confidential 12oz

To-Øl Rhum Barrel Aged Liquid Confidential 12oz

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Rhum Barrel Aged. The Liquid Confidence is all about showing what To Øl likes to brew. This a not a chili stout but a stout brewed with chilies. Smooth and fruity Ancho and Guajillo chilies to impart a vegetable, fruity finish and smoked chipotle to give a hint of smoke. There is no smoked malt in the beer, so all the smoke is derived from the chipotle. The beer is just lingering in the throat. This beer is designed to straighten your back an let the kick of chili just give you the boost you need to take the dance floor like John Travolta, ask your boss for a raise or tell your parents that you are skipping the uncles 90-birthday…
Category Imperial Stout
Region Denmark
Brand To-Øl
Alcohol/vol 12.2%