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Fantome Vertignasse 750ml
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Fantome Vertignasse



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Category Saison
Region Belgium
Brand Fantome
Alcohol/vol 4.5%
he mysterious Fantôme brewer is always at work cooking up another unique beer, often using secret herbs, spices, and fruits to evoke the current season. The recipes are never the same from year to year. The Spring beers have been dark and very full-bodied, roasty and bittersweet. Summer has brought brisk, authoritative copper ales with refreshing hints of citric tartness. Fall beers have always been especially impressive, usually surprisingly lighter in body than the earlier seasonal beers, but strong in flavor with a tantalizing note of orange peel and perfect hop bite. The Winter beers are dark ruby red confections, with strong, malty flavors and are relatively straight-forward, without any notable trace of the phantom's usual trickery.