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Sacristia AB Manzanilla 375ml
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Sacristia AB Manzanilla


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Category Sherry
Region Spain
Brand Sacristia AB
Alcohol/vol 15%
To enjoy this Manzanilla in its most natural condition, keeping and enjoy all its organoleptic characteristics, we have bottled unfiltered wine (rama), using no chemicals, nor handling it mechanically and physically. As a consequence tiny particles and sediment or sludge may remain along with the haze, which do not interfere with quality. We bottle Manzanilla in small quarterly sacas (extractions) in order to fully appreciate the changes produced in its organoleptic characteristics according to the season during which its biological crianza (biological ageing) process is developed. Knowing the time of the year in which it is bottled allows us to enjoy its first months' freshness and, for those who prefer to wait, to appreciate the evolution provided by resting in the bottle. Although there's a general belief that biological crianza wines have to be drunk immediately, "they get ruined in the bottle", my experience tells me that an appropriate conservation confers them an elegant evolution. To make the most out of it, I recommend serving it chilled, at between 8º and 12º C in a wide glass, avoiding small glasses and the classical catavinos ,etc.