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Dominio del Aguila Pícaro del Águila 2015
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Dominio del Aguila Pícaro del Águila 2015

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Aromas of blackberry, blueberry and dark cherry, vanilla, sweet spice and chalky tannin. A fresher style of Ribera del Duero that aims for elegance over extraction.
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I also tasted the 2015 Pícaro Tinto, which should be released sometime in the spring of 2017. 2015 is a warmer year than 2014, and all the vineyards selected for this cuvée are north-facing, which is the cooler exposition, ideal to compensate the heat of the year. The élevage was a little shorter than in previous vintages to try to avoid a strong effect in the wine. The wine is still in the fruit-driven phase, it's juicy and it has some tannins and the seriousness of the limestone soils, a little riper than the Reserva, without the same length. This is usually produced with grapes from vineyards on soils with a little more clay, where the wine is more forward and there's better ripeness and less austerity. Their barrels are aging and the effect is a lot less noticeable than when the barrels were new. This is a fresh interpretation of 2015. I wish more Crianzas from Ribera del Duero had this joviality and approachability while keeping the balance and the serious quality profile. I'd say this is a real triumph over the vintage, at the same (or even a little better) quality level than the 2014. This has all the ingredients to be a commercial success.

Luis Gutierrez, February 28, 2017