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High Lawn Farm Ghee Clarified Butter 8 oz.
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High Lawn Farm Ghee Clarified Butter

8 oz.

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If you haven't heard of it already, Ghee is a special kind of clarified butter that's revered not only for its bright and nutty flavor, but equally so for its numerous health benefits. You use it the same way you use butter - to sauté veggies (or meat) in a skillet, spread atop some toast, baked into your favorite chocolate cake recipe, and even blended into your morning coffee to kick up the creaminess, help balance your caffeine boost and support gut health, just to name a few. During the slow and gentle process of making Ghee, the water content evaporates and all of the milk solids and proteins are first caramelized (which is what adds that nutty flavor) and then simmered and strained away so what we're left with is a virtually lactose- and casein-free "butter" that even most dairy-sensitive individuals can enjoy without irritation*. It's full of fat-soluble vitamins and healthy fatty acids - all of the good stuff that your brain and gut need to perform their best. Our Ghee is a fat that you can consume and know that you're doing something great for your health! And your tastebuds sure won't mind either.