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Bosco Liquori Silano Amaro

Bosco Liquori Silano Amaro

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A process of slow maceration allows the selected aromatic herbs typical of the territory to preserve beneficial digestive properties and an inimitable taste, which is released in an elixir of nuances and aromas, able to evoke a mysterious and mountain landscape typical of the Sila, place evocative and rural, which keeps intact, after centuries, a unique environmental, human and knowledge heritage. To fully appreciate its full-bodied taste, it is recommended to serve it iced, also excellent with an orange peel. Color: Bright brown. Aroma: Intense and heady with aromatic herbs Taste: Bitter. Full-bodied and aromatic.
Category Liqueur
Region Italy
Brand Bosco Liquori
Alcohol/vol 30%
Proof 60.00