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Domaines Landron Amphibolite 2019
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Domaines Landron Amphibolite 2019


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The Amphibolite is named after a metamorphic rock that composes and underlies the vineyard. This greenish stone contributes a distinct minerality and an iodine freshness to the wine. In order to keep that freshness the wine sees less ageing on the lees than usual (and so does not qualify as'sur lie' Muscadet). The result is thrillingly direct: crisp, dry and long. Produced organically by Jo Landron, a man dedicated to expressing the land in his wine. Goes well with oysters, which will bring out its freshness and faint hint of iodine. It matches perfectly with shellfish because of the salty minerality which balances very well with its lower level of alcohol (around 11.5 %)