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Azores Wine Company Verdelho O Original Azores Branco 2018
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Azores Wine Company Verdelho O Original Azores Branco 2018

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Category White Wine
Region Portugal
Brand Azores Wine Company
Alcohol/vol 12.5%
Mineral and salty attack, it has the grape varietals and Azorean Terroir matrix, but with a much more exhuberant, tropical aroma of the azorean pineapple and passion fruit, fresh fruit with acidity. It's not the Verdelho-Gouveio, it's not the Verdelho-Verdejo, it is the Verdelho-Verdelho, the Original. Fresh, very mineral and salty. The perfect partner for oysters and "cracas". Works well with grilled fish, salads and fresh seafood.
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  • wa91

The winery emphasizes that the Verdelho in the 2018 Verdelho Original is "not to be confused with Gouveio of the mainland or Verdejo of Spain. [It is a] unique grape to the islands of Portugal, Madeira and Azores. It has never been found in mainland Portugal." I repeat that every year, but it's worth doing again. If you're interested in geeky detail, see his study here: An unoaked blend from three islands in the Azores, it comes in with 12.5% alcohol. This has its acidity beautifully integrated. It shows some expressiveness even at this young age and a lovely finish. It's big, relative to the style, and bright. It evolved nicely in the glass as well. This is a fine example of the brand. Whether it is a little better or a little behind the last couple of vintages is immaterial-it is pretty close. We'll see as they acquire some age.

Mark Squires, December 30, 2019