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Peter Lauer Riesling Kupp GG 2018
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Peter Lauer Riesling Kupp GG 2018


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Category White Wine
Region Germany, Mosel
Brand Peter Lauer
While the source of most of the bottlings is the famed Ayler Kupp, Florian uses the pre-1971 vineyard names -Neuenberg, Stirn, Unterstenberg. Rigorous vineyard work, indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentations mean the wines find their own balance. The results are undeniable: depth, texture, dimension, clarity, CUT.For Lauer, the large site of the Ayler Kupp has many different terroirs rather than a single, defining character.Soil composition, exposition, altitude, and microclimate in combination with vine age all make contributions to the individual character of each wine.