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Bottle Return Policy

  1.  All bottles being returned must be cleaned and already counted before bringing them into the store. 
  2.  All cleaned and counted bottles must be brought back in boxed containers that you the client bring in yourself. If you don’t have boxes, and IF we are able to provide boxes (since they are in short supply), we will do so. 
  3. We are asking all clients now and in the future to, SAVE your original box or pack of the returnable items, so you can & should return the empties in that original packing. 
  4. For continuing health reasons and the safety of our ‘sorting staff,’ we will no longer accept unrinsed, unclean, or bags of returnables. Nor can we give credit for returnables left outside our doors.

 Thank you for your understanding.

Are you 21 years old, or older?