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Xochitl The Dipper Chips 12 oz.
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Xochitl The Dipper Chips

12 oz.

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Category Chips
Origin United States, Texas
Brand Xochitl
You can now enjoy Xochitl chips with any of our delicious authentic salsas or other dipping sauces, without the fear of breaking a chip mid-dip. We worked tirelessly to find the perfect ratio of thickness to crispiness so that we can provide you with the optimal dipping experience. As a result, "The Dipper" was created. "The Dipper" Corn Tortilla Chips are a slightly thicker version of our best selling Salted Corn Chips. Our new, stronger chips are excellent for making nachos or chilaquiles, or for shoveling into guacamole, hummus, enchiladas, bean dip, or any other thick dip or sauce of your choice.

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