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Palacios Hot Chorizo 8 oz.
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Palacios Hot Chorizo

8 oz.

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Category Chorizo
Origin Spain
Brand Palacios
This Palacios hot chorizo is seasoned with picante smoked paprika from the La Vera valley in Western Spain. It is made from a generations--old recipe by a family owned company in La Rioja, It is not flaming hot in the sense of Mexican cuisine, but rather, spicy. These delicious pork sausages are seasoned with hot smoked Spanish paprika -- pimentón picante. It is a piquant blend of the distinctive smoked paprika which makes Spanish chorizo truly unique -- unlike sausages from any other country. These chorizos are fully dry-cured and ready to eat with your favorite cheese and wine, or just a chunk of crusty bread. About 1 inch thick.

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