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Bedrock Wine Co. The Bedrock Heritage Sonoma Red 2019 750ml
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Bedrock Wine Co. The Bedrock Heritage Sonoma Red 2019

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Over the past few years, we have taken over more and more of the old vines at Bedrock that were previously contracted to other wineries. This has given us more flexibility in assembling the blends and, frankly, has allowed us to better understand our own vineyard-from the subtle shadings imparted by the contours of soil to the different varietal blends in each block. We have learned that Blocks 39 and 42 lengthen the backbone of the wine, provide elegance and substantial structure while the shatter-prone Blocks 27 and 29, a mere 50 yards away, are darker and opulent with an almost licorice-tinged spiciness. The tiny Block 41, with only 390 vines, showcases the white pepper and flowers you might expect from an extremely varietally mixed block laced with a large amount of Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Tempranillo. All of this means that we feel the Bedrock Heritage wine has ticked up a couple notches in the last few years and more and more truly represents all of the old vines at the vineyard. Though 2019 was generally a slightly less structured year, the natural weight and density of Bedrock continues to shine through along with the hallmark citrus-tinged perfume typical of the site. Fermented in open-top tanks that saw regular pumpovers. the wine was raised in a wide variety of larger and smaller format French oak barrels that ranged in size from 228 to 600 liters. This is always one of the best wines we make and the 2019 is no exception.

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